Join us and contribute to brain health research

Wear an Apple Watch. Perform study activities on your iPhone. It’s that easy to participate in Intuition: a virtual brain health study.

Be part of Intuition: A brain health study

Intuition is a virtual research study sponsored by Biogen, in collaboration with Apple, for participants between the ages of 21 and 86.* By joining us, you can help researchers investigate the role an Apple Watch and iPhone could play in:

  • Measuring changes in thinking and memory in adults
  • Studying longer-term changes in brain health – some of which may occur normally as we age, while others could be an early indicator of certain forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease

This study, therefore, may be an important step toward better understanding overall brain health.

Learn more about brain health.

*Now only enrolling ages 50–86.

Why participate in Intuition?

You can earn an Apple Watch, plus up to an additional $280 in gift cards or charitable donations

Brain health research is important for everyone – you, your family, and your community

You can help us learn more about how we can measure thinking and memory, as well as study longer-term changes in brain health

Participation is entirely virtual. This means study activities are mostly completed right in the Intuition iPhone app and sometimes on a computer or iPad

Our researchers are eager to get started and we need your help – visit the App Store on your iPhone to download the Intuition app and see if you’re eligible to participate. 

Seeking a diverse group of participants

For the study to be successful, it’s important we have the participation of people from all walks of life and backgrounds – this means people of different ages, genders, races, ethnicities, and education levels. That’s because every brain is different, and each person’s contributions make the study’s findings that much more meaningful.

To be eligible, you must:

Be 21 to 86 years
of age*

Have and use an iPhone 8
(released in fall 2017) or later

Have access to Wi-Fi
or hardwired internet

Have an active
email address

Have a compatible computer
(Mac or Windows) or iPad

Live in the
United States

Be willing to wear an Apple Watch, which will be provided, on a daily basis

Biogen is committed to the power of diversity in its organization and among all patients. Every day, Biogen works toward helping close the access gap in both research and the healthcare system.

Learn more about our commitment to diversity.

*Now only enrolling ages 50–86.

How it works

Participating in the study is entirely virtual and has been designed to fit in alongside your daily activities. On average, we are asking for you to contribute just over an hour a month of your time to help with brain health research. You can earn the ability to keep the Apple Watch, and up to an additional $280, in the process.

Step 1: Download the app

Visit the App Store on your iPhone to download the Intuition app and see if you’re eligible.

Step 2: Enroll in Intuition

Answer some questions in the Intuition app to confirm if you’re eligible to join the study. You’ll then need to complete the onboarding process, including agreeing to share the health information from your iPhone and Apple Watch as described during this process (give yourself 30 minutes to complete the surveys).

Step 3: Participate from where you are

Intuition is a virtual study. This means that joining the study involves wearing an Apple Watch, which will be provided to all participants, and completing study activities, mostly in the Intuition app on your iPhone and sometimes on your computer or iPad.

Learn more about what to expect.

Apple Watch and iPhone

All participants will need to be iPhone users with an iPhone 8 (which was released in fall 2017) or later, running the latest version of iOS. 

You will be provided with an Apple Watch at the start of the study. You can keep the Apple Watch you receive if you earn enough points by completing activities during the study. The study has been designed so that if you consistently complete the study activities, like closing your Stand ring, answering survey questions, and other study activities, then you will be able to keep the Apple Watch. 

If you already own an Apple Watch, you’re welcome to continue using it for the study. You’ll still receive a new Apple Watch from the study that you will be able to keep if you earn enough points from completing study activities.

You will also need access to a computer (Mac or Windows) or iPad for some of the study tasks. Learn more about the device requirements for the study.

Join today

Visit the App Store on your iPhone to download the Intuition app and see if you’re eligible.

Join today

The next step is to visit the App Store on your iPhone to download the Intuition app. There are 2 ways to do this:

Open the Camera app on your iPhone, point it at this QR code, and then click the link that appears. This will take you straight to the Intuition app download page.

Open the App Store on your iPhone and search for the word “Intuition.” Click to download the Intuition app, which you’ll be able to recognize from the Intuition logo.

Thanks! We look forward to you joining the study to help contribute to brain health research.