Our commitment to diversity

When groups of people aren’t represented in research, it can contribute to widening health inequalities.

Some conditions impact certain races and ethnicities more than others.1 If medical conditions are not studied in diverse groups, researchers may not have the information they need. This may lead to medical conditions going underdiagnosed, untreated, or treated with medicines that may not work as well for certain individuals.

People who take part in research help represent their families, friends, and communities. That’s because every participant provides unique and important information that can contribute to the greater good for people around the globe as well as across the street.

Since 1978, Biogen’s mission has been to discover, develop, and deliver innovative therapies that improve the lives of patients globally – starting in our community. Each individual who participates in Biogen’s research contributes to the understanding of the condition and has the potential to benefit patients around the world.


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